Top 10 Apps for Youtuber

Are you a Youtuber? If Yes, Then stay up till the end because today I've collected Top 10 Apps for YouTubers.

These Apps helps you in making your videos like Editing, Shooting, Uploading, Topic Selection etc.

All the Apps which I've collected is an entry level, it means many of the people knows about this. Are you one of them then you can skip this article because 'The Time is so Precious'.

Let's take a look on these Apps.

 1    Open Camera

Top 10 Apps for Youtuber

Its helps you in making professional videos. The main feature of this app is the Exposure and Focusing. You can try this app for one time because it is awesome and are used by thousands of people and I'm also using it.

 2    Power Director  (Bundle Version)

Top 10 Apps for Youtuber

Shooting of the video is not enough, you need to edit it also and some of the apps drop watermarks if you edit videos from that but Power Director (Bundle Version) doesn't drop any watermark.

While you install this app you need to activate this app. Open the App > Click Activate > Use PMYZHBWE as an activation code.

 3    Lexis Audio Editor

Top 10 Apps for Youtuber

Editing of Vidoes is also not adequate, if you have a better mic then well and good and if not then you can edit (remove noise) your recorded audio in this app and after editing you can merge it in Power Director.

 4    YouTube Studio

Top 10 Apps for Youtuber

When you upload your videos on youtube then you need to watch the analytics that 'How many Views, Watch Time, Likes, Dislikes, Comments, Subscriber, Income does we get? So for this you can use this apps, it shows all the analytics of your videos and channels.

 5    DU Recorder

Top 10 Apps for Youtuber

With the help of this app you can record your mobile screen. And the main feature of this app is You can do Live on youtube with your mobile screen, that's why I've selected it.

 6    Gadgets 360

Top 10 Apps for Youtuber

For uploading videos on youtube, you must have correct info or topic, this apps gives you the Latest news about many things. If your channel is related to Tech category then well and good because mostly here's uploading Tech news.

 7    Animated Text

Top 10 Apps for Youtuber

If you want to create some professional videos and then you must have add some clips for better experience for your viewers. For this you can use this app. It animates your text in beautiful layouts.

 8    Pixel Lab

Top 10 Apps for Youtuber

For making a beautiful thumbnail or cover image of youtube video you need to use this app. There is 10 million+ downloads of this app on Play Store and many good reviews of this app. From this app you can create Thumbnail, Facebook cover art, Twitter cover art, Logo and many more things through this app.

 9    Tag You

Top 10 Apps for Youtuber

While uploading videos on youtube, there is option of adding Tags. This helps you in finding best Tags which helps you for better ranking.

 10    NCS Music

Top 10 Apps for Youtuber

We need some background music for Youtube videos. Sometimes we face some problems while using copyright music. So, from this app you can use any of the music, because in this app you'll get Non-copyrighted (creative common) music. Make sure you'll use it.

Final Conclusion -

Here I've discussed about Top 10 Apps for YouTubers. If you want to download any of these apps you can simply click on that image or search on Play Store and if you've any doubt about it, feel free to ask in comments, till then Keep Smiling 🙂