Why does people buy an iphone?

Have you ever thought that Why does people buy an iphone? 

And if I says that choose one between Android or iPhone, then definitely 90% of the people choose iPhone. But Why?

Don't know, No worry. I'm here with you and Today I'll share with you the original fact about it.

Why does people buy an iphone || MeAnkitz

There are some basic reasons about these, so that most of the people prefer iPhone.

Let's take a look on it -

  • It shows your Status - 
  • Somewhere, it is true that iPhone shows your status. It means you are rich, stylish, well established, big bungalow and much more. If anyone have iPhone in colony then people says that he is rich person, stylish person and many things.

  • It's Logo -
  • Currently, there are many smartphones in the market which looks so premium but by comparing iPhone, everyone prefers it. It's looks and designs are so premium and the main thing is the logo of Apple in iPhone.

  • It's Long Life -
  • Any android, it will be hang after 2-3 years but iPhone has long life. The main thing is that, the company works on this very gently and you listen very few times that anyone's iPhone has hanged.

  • It's Ecosystem -
  • The biggest reason is the ecosystem of iPhone, if you've the iMac, iPad, MacBook and wants to access Contacts, Chats, Messages etc of iPhone to iPad or any device of Apple then you can smoothly do it.

  • It's OS (operating system) -
  • Whether there is more RAM, ROM and better Processor in Android, it will be hang or lack in future. But in iOS, it is optimized in such a way that it will be never hang in future.

    There are many annoying Ads in android and is many pre-installed apps in android and you can't uninstall it without Root.

    But in iOS there is no Ads and you can uninstall any apps you want.

  • It's Security
  • Sometimes our smartphone losts and when anyone get that phone then he will crack the lock without loosing any data with the help of specialists.

    But in iOS if our phone lost and anyone get then we can erase all the data online and if that person try to crack the lock then automatically our data will be erase from that iPhone.

  • It's App Store
  • In Android there is many rubbish apps in Play store and if we install it then they try to steals our data. And we can download any apps from external source and from that our smartphone may be hack.

    But in iOS you can download any apps only from App Store and after many inspection apps will publish on App Store. So that there is no danger of stealing and hacking of data in iPhone.

    Final Conclusion - 

    Today I've discussed about Why does people buy an iphone? This article doesn't heart any user of Android, the only purpose of this article is to sharing the knowledge with you.

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