YouTube will suspend all channel

Here is the some latest updates which is introduced by YouTube and if you are interested then stay up till the end.

YouTube will suspend all channel || YouTube new update

This updates only for that people who created their channel on YouTube.

 1   If you are doing spam comments on others videos then beware. I mean to say that if you're targeting audions from commenting or any any other sources then you get alert e-mail and can be suspend your channel.

Targeting Audions means Sub for sub, Please visit my channel or any word for targeting traffic.

 2   If your channel is well established and you helps to others by promoting their channel by giving their channel's link in description then be alert because youtube never tolerant like this.

 Never promote any of the rubbish websites which steals the public data or a harmful website.

Final Conclusion - 

So, here are the latest updates from YouTube. I hope you like this. If you've any doubts then feel free to ask in comments section, till then Keep Smiling ☺️