How to complete Paytm Kyc

If you want to know that How to complete Paytm Kyc. Then stay up till the end.

Today in this article, I gonna to discuss about Paytm Kyc. As you know that the new guidelines of RBI on pre-paid wallet, it is mandatory to link all pre-paid providers (like Paytm) to get link Aadhar with their account.

It is necessary to identify the businesses and their clients. This helps to ensures that the service are not misused.

Benefits of Completing Paytm Kyc -

  • Linking Aadhar to paytm account helps you to transfer money to others wallet and bank account instantly and without any charges.
  • After kyc, your Wallet limit will be increased to Rs. 1 lakh.
  • You'll become a vip customer of paytm, it means you get more offers, cashback and more facilities.
  • After Paytm kyc, your Paytm Postpaid Limits will increase.
  • You'll get lifestyle free saving accounts and can earn 4% interests on savings.
  • You get 200 rupees cashback when you done kyc.

  • How to complete Paytm Kyc -

    You can complete the kyc process by following the given steps and for your comfort image is given:

    Step 1:  Login to your Paytm account.
    How to complete Paytm Kyc

    Step 2:  Click on Nearby Kyc Points.
    How to complete Paytm Kyc

    Step 3:  Now you see all the kyc points near you. You can call them or know the direction from map.
    How to complete Paytm Kyc

    Above are all steps to complete paytm kyc, by following them you can reach kyc store and can complete kyc.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

    Q)   What is kyc?

    A)   Kyc means ‘Know your Customers'. This helps to ensures that the service are not misused.

    Q)   Is it possible to do kyc online?

    A)   No, for completing kyc you must have visit the kyc points and link Aadhar to paytm account.

    Q)  What are the requirements for paytm kyc?

    A)   You must have Aadhar or Pan cards details and ID photo for your ID Proof.

    Q)   Is it free to complete paytm kyc?

    A)   Yes, it is fully free from paytm, but shopkeepers can charge you some money to complete kyc.

    Q)   What is kyc in paytm?

    A)   Paytm kyc is of two types: Mini and full kyc. Currently, all the users who sign-in in paytm must have complete kyc as RBI guidance.

    Q)   What is the age limit is required for kyc?

    A)   For completing kyc, your age should be under 18.

    Q)   Can we link 2 paytm account with one Aadhar?

    A)   No, as RBI guidance you can link only 1 account with an Aadhar.

    Q)   How can you unlink Aadhar from Paytm?

    A)   You can unlink Aadhar with paytm by following these simple steps:

  • Step 1:  Call the paytm customer care at 01204456456.
  • Step 2:  Tell the customer care to send you an e-mail to unlink Aadhar.
  • Step 3:  Now you get an e-mail from paytm.
  • Step 4:   Reply of that e-mail with a clear photo of your Aadhar.
  • Step 5:  Then, you'll get another e-mail of unlinking your aadhar. Read that mail carefully, if thier is asking for any confirmation then Allow them, if not then leave it.
  • Step 6: Now, after 72 hours check your Aadhar unlinked with paytm or not.

  • Final Conclusion -

    Here's all about How to complete Paytm Kyc. I hope now yours all doubts has been cleared after reading this post. If you like then make sure you share this article, till then Keep Smiling 🙂