Why we should stop using Truecaller right now?

Do you use Truecaller? If Yes. Then Beware!

Today, I gonna to discuss about the Black Secrets of Truecaller. At this time, Truecaller have more than 100 million+ downloads on Play Store. A couple of days ago Truecaller claims that they have 100 millions+ daily active users across the world.

Why we should stop using Truecaller right now?

There are many users across the world who is using Truecaller right now, That's why I am posting this article.

 How Truecaller Works?

When a user install Truecaller, the apps ask for some permission which is required for using it. Sadly, you give such a permission which will be collect in Truecaller Database.

Why we should stop using Truecaller right now?

There is also a mistakes of user. They allows all the permission without reading their Terms and conditions. Truecaller have mentioned all the points which they records in their Database.

If you notice then the main motive to use it is that, it shows the name/profile or full details of unknown numbers. That's why it is so popular.

But you ever think that How it know about unknown numbers. You don't know? Don't Worry! I am telling you.

I've already said that it collects our data, which means contact info also. And any unknown number is definitely known to anyone in the world. And it is not possible that nobody knows about that.

And Truecaller checks in their database that By what name is this number saved in people's smartphone? They checks in thier Database and the Name who is common in all results, Truecaller shows that name in your smartphone.

Why we should stop using Truecaller right now?

It means Truecaller use Crowd Sourcing which means Collection of Data from device and then giving data to the People.

Which type of Data does it Collect?

Now, Let's take a look on the Data which is collected by Truecaller.

  • Geographical location
  • Your IP address
  • Device ID or unique identifier
  • Device manufacturer and type
  • Device and hardware settings
  • SIM card usage
  • Installed Apps in your device
  • ID for advertising
  • Camera's access
  • Microphone's Access
  • Ad data
  • Operating system
  • All contacts info
  • Data of incoming and outgoing calls and messages
  • Web browser
  • Operator
  • IMSI
  • Connection information
  • Personal Information
  • Photos and videos
  • Screen resolution
  • Usage statistics
  • Default communication applications
  • Access to device address book
  • Device log and event information
  • Version of the Services

  • How Truecaller Earns?

    There are many source of income through which truecaller earns, some of them are listed below: 

     1   If your number shows in spam, then truecaller takes some money to decreasing the spam score of number and adds your no. in business list.

    Why we should stop using Truecaller right now?

     2  There are Plans of Truecaller in which you pay some money and instead of this you'll get all information about Who checks your profile, they removes all Ads from your apps, Premium Badges features etc.

    Why we should stop using Truecaller right now?

     3   If you want the number of Big celebrities, just contact them and pay some money for it, and then truecaller gives you that number because anyone definitely save that celebrities number in their device and truecaller sync that number and gives you.

    Above are some points through which truecaller earns.

    Why We Should stop using Truecaller?

    The main reason to avoid using Truecaller is Privacy, because privacy is no.1 priority. It does not said that How it manages our data. But it can be sells our data for money.

    Truecaller does not uploaded your data publicly on their site but we should start living carefully, there are many such documents on the Device, it can be leak by Truecaller.

    How to Remove my info from Truecaller?

    You can remove your info by following some points. It is too easy, deleting your account will erase all data from Truecaller. Open Truecaller > Go to settings > Privacy > Click on Deactivate account.

    Why we should stop using Truecaller right now?

    How to use Truecaller without stealing Data?

    If you use Truecaller's android app then you have to allow permission. But I gonna to share a tricks by using it you can exclude all the details of any number.

    Simply you search Truecaller in browser and first create an account with fake Gmail and then paste the number for excluding details of that number.

    Why we should stop using Truecaller right now?

    Final Conclusion -

    Here is the full guide of Why We Should Stop using Truecaller Right now? My highly suggestion is that you should never install Truecaller in your smartphone but you can use all features of truecaller by following above steps.

    I hope you like this article, Don't forgot to share it with you friends and family, till then Keep Smiling 🙂