How to create Affliate Account and earn money

Earlier, I've discussed about How to Earn Money from Websites and Youtube.

But Today, In this Article we'll discuss about How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing.

 How to create Affliate Account and earn money

First of all, we have to know that What is Affiliate Marketing and How it works?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting the product of any company and instead of promotion you'll get some commission.

For example, If my website does not rank, there is no views, no earnings. And if anyone promote my website and then I get views and earnings, then definitely I'll give some commission or money instead of promoting my site.

Such that Affiliate Marketing Works, The products are not being sold but if you selled that product anyway, then you get the commission.

So in this process, benefits will be on both sides.

Now the question is Which Company is best for Affiliate Marketing and which is trustable?

There are many companies in the market but the most used and trustable is Amazon. And it's payment time is too good and I'll recommend it to all.

And the second question is How to promote the products?

 How to create Affliate Account and earn money

For promoting the products, you must have share the link of products. Its doesn't matter that where you share that link. You can share it on your YouTube video's description, Your Websites, and any social networks.

How I get the product's Links?

For getting link of products, you must have create Amazon Affiliate Account. And then you are eligible to share link and earn money through commission.

Create Amazon Affiliate Account by Follow these steps and for your comfort, I've also added a video of it. 

  • Open amazon in any chrome browser.
  • Click on 3 dot in top right corner and click on desktop site (if using mobile).
  • Make sure that you have logged in to your account. 
  • Scroll down and click on ‘Become an Affiliate'.
  • You'll see, ‘Join now for Free' click on that.
  • Then you see 4 step details,that you must fill.
  • First fill ‘Account information' box.
  • Second fill ‘Website and Mobile App list' box.
  • Third fill ‘Profile' box.
  • Next in 4th box you see that your affiliate account has been created.
  • Below you see the payment box, you can add it now or later, through which you can receive payment.

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    FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

    Q)  How does the Amazon Affiliate Program works?

    A)   It is the process of promoting the product of any company and instead of promotion they get some commission.

    Q)  Can I use my own Affiliate link to buy my own products?

    A)   No, you can't buy products by using your own Affiliate Links. It is quite similar to Google AdSense Policy.

    Q)  Can anyone join Amazon Affiliate Program?

    A)   Yes, anyone can join Amazon Affiliate Program by following above steps and can start earning.

    Q)  How long does an Amazon Affiliate link Last?

    A)   If you share that link, it will not expire. But if anyone click on that link and saved that product in Cart then if that person buy that product within 90 days then you will get commission.

    Q)  Can one can make money from Amazon Affiliate program?

    A)   Yes, anyone can make money from Amazon Affiliate Program. The affiliate program called Amazon Associate which allows to earn 4% or more if you selled products.

    Q)  How much can one make money from Amazon Affiliate?

    A)   There is no limit of earnings, its all depends on your work. You'll be lucky person if you earn $5 in first or second month. As you grow, learn then you can make $0 to $2500 per month easily.

    Q)  How do I become an Amazon Affiliate Program Member?

    A)   Step 1 - Setup a blog or website.
           Step 2 - Increase value of your site.
           Step 3 - Increase Traffic
           Step 4 - Create Amazon Affiliate account.
           Step 5 - Start Promoting the Products.

    Q)  What percentage does Amazon Affiliate pay?

    A)   4 or more percent, while gift cards and wines don't pay any commission.

    Q)   If i give Laptop Affiliate Link and anyone clicks on it,  but purchased smartphone instead of Laptop. Then what will be the condition?

    A)  If anyone purchased smartphone instead of Laptop, then still you'll get Commission.

    Q)  If anyone click on my Affiliate Link but not purchased. He think that i will purchase after sometime. Then what will be the condition?

    A)   If that person purchase that product within 24 hrs after clicking your Affiliate link. Then definitely you'll get commission.

    Q)  If anyone clicks on my Affiliate link and think to purchase after sometime and exit. After sometime he will be back again to that product with another Affiliate Link. Then What will be the Condition?

    A)  According to Amazon's Terms and Conditions, if anyone purchase products through last Affiliate link, then Last person gets commission.

    Final Conclusion -

    In this Article, I've discussed about Creating Affiliate Account, Sharing Links, And all FAQs (Frequently Asked Question) about Amazon Affiliate Programs. If you've still any type of doubts then feel free to ask in comments section.