How to earn money from YouTube without AdSense - 4 best ways

If you want to earn money online from YouTube without adsense, then you are at right place.

Already I have told you in our previous posts that How to earn money from Blogging and Affliate Marketing.

And today in this article, I am going to describe the white hats techniques to earn money from youtube without AdSense.

How to earn money from YouTube without AdSense - 4 best ways

This techniques works in many types, such as if adsense account has been disabled of your yt channel from invalid clicks or any other reasons.

And if you are unable to enable monetisation by complete the criteria of youtube which is 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watchtime.

So lets learn about whites hats techniques of earning money from youtube without adsense/monetising your channel.

 1   Affliate Marketing

It is the process of promoting the product of any company. Suppose if you promote smartphone and any person purchase that smartphone from your link then instead of promoting company's product, they gives you some commission of that.

And now question is that how can we promote any product. So for this I have written a post >> How to create Affiliate account and promote link

 2   Sponsorship

It is the second form of affliate marketing. In this case companies or brands sees your work, if you work smartly and if you have well established YT channel/website then they starts contacting you.

But for getting sponsership you must have well and good audions.

You can't get ideas that how much can you earn from spinsership, but again you must have audions.

 3   Promotion

If you are seeing yt videos and especially vlogs then sometimes vloggers promoting any shops and from that they get some money.

And sometimes shopkeepers give some gifts to vlogger for show off, because they want to get some more customers by doing this.

 4   Link Shorteners

It is very important ways to earn, you can short any type of link from Link Shorteners and paste it to the description of youtube video. If you give any type of link in description box of your vidoes then it is helpful for you.

How to earn money from YouTube without AdSense - 4 best ways

You can use bitly as a url shortener website, first create an account and then start shorten the links.

★ Final Words

So Friends, today in this article I have described that How to earn money from YouTube without AdSense. Please must implement these technique to your yt channel, definitely you get better results and If you like this article don't forgot to share it and till then Keep Smiling ☺️