Top 5 way to earn money from Website

Everyone wants to earn money, but fails due to weak ideas. Are you one of them?

Don't worry! You are at right place. And today I'll share with you Top 5 way to earn money from creating Website, because I've already talked about to make money from ‘Youtube without AdSense' and ‘Affiliate Marketing'.

Top 5 way to earn money from Website

For earning Money, you must have strong ideas, hard work and work smarter. Making money isn't a child's game.

Let's Talk about the Top 5 way to earn money from Website.

 1   AdSense Ads 

Google AdSense is a advertising program that allows you to run ads on your blog/website and on YouTube videos, and get money when visitors clicks on Ads. These Ads are generated by Businesses that use Google AdWords program.

Every Bloggers have dreams to show adsense ads on their blog/website, because it is one of the best and biggest Ads network in the world.

It is the best platform for new website/blog to generate income, which is why it's easy to use.

Pros and Cons of Using Google AdSense -

The Google AdSense have several advantages including: 

  • It's easy to use.
  • It's fully free to Join.
  • It supports many of the language like Hindi, English etc.
  • It pays monthly, whether your amount is $0 or $1000 (once you complete $100 in first time).
  • You can run Ads on several websites with 1 AdSense account.
  • You can fully customise Ads as you want.

    • The Google AdSense have several Disadvantages including:

    • Google will terminate your account, if you break any rules.
    • If your account once suspended, then you can't create another with your name and mobile number.
    • Google allow only 1 account on a particular person, But you can create with your family's or friend's name by using another number.
    • Like all forms of income, you must have traffic to earn money

      •  2   Affiliate Marketing 

        It is the process of promoting the product of any company and instead of promotion you'll get some commission.

        Affiliate Marketing is a passive source of income. It is true that now it is highly competitive but still it's not so hard. For this you must have to learn that what works and what doesn't work in this.

        Already I've talked about it in previous article, make sure you have read it >> How to start Affiliate marketing.

         3   Sponsorship

        It is a type of promotion, in which brands or companies offers to promote them by taking money.

        But in this case your website must have settled very well, because brands or companies see your website monthly traffic and visitors and according to them you get sponsorship.

        First of all focus on your content, do hard work, start doing SEO and rank your website and then you'll be ready for getting sponsorship.

         4   Link Shorteners

        Link shortener is the method of shortening any type of large link into short links.

        Top 5 way to earn money from Website

        And if you insert any type of link in your blog post then definitely you must use it. Just short any link to shorteners site and paste to your blog post.

        There are many Link shortener in the market, you can use one of them but first read their terms and conditions and then start shortening.

         5    Sell your own Products

        It is also the best trick to make money online. If you've any merchandise, e-book etc then you can easily sell it on your website and can make money.

        But you have to keep some patience for income.

        FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

        Q)   How does a website make money?

        A)   There are several ways to make money, in which some of them are given below :

        1. Google AdSense
        2. Affiliate Marketing
        3. Link Shorteners
        4. Accept Donations
        5. Sell E-book
        6. Accept sponsored articles
        7. Sponsorship

        Q) How much money can one make money from website?

        A)   It's all depends on your hard work and your site's traffic.

        Q)  How much AdSense pay for 1000 views?

        A)  AdSense pays for Clicks and Impression of Ads. If you works on high CPC keywords then you get $2 to $6 for 1000 views. 

        Q)  Is Google AdSense free?

        A)   Yes, it is easy to Join.

        Q)  How can I make my website popular?

        A)   Always post unique content, don't copy any others content and never give wrong Information.

        Q)  How to get AdSense approval Fastly?

        A)   Customise your website properly, Create 20-25 unique post, create all pages, submit your website in Google Search Console and follow all the rules of Google AdSense.

        Q)   How to increase DA PA of my Websites?

        A)  Create high quality Backlinks like ‘My response is own my on website', Profile creation backlink, Blog Commenting.

        Q)  What is the threshold for first payment?

        A)   First Time, you have to complete 100 dollar to get payment, and then payment will be release every month.

        Q)   How much time will taken to get first payment?

        A)  Its all depends on your work, mainly it takes 6 months for getting first payment.

        Final Conclusion -

        Today, I've share ‘Top 5 way to earn money from Website'. If you are facing any type of confusion then feel free to ask in comments  section or can contact me.