How to find your Lost Android Phone

How to find your Lost Android Phone

Worried about misplacing your phone? If Yes, Then don't worry. Today I've find a way by which you can find your lost device or can erase all data from your device.

Ease to find your phone, if your device is connected to internet, WiFi or GPS. You must have an Google account available in your Losted phone.

Ways to find the Lost Device - 

There are several ways to find your phone but as we all trust on Google, so we'll discuss about Google Find my Device.

Find your lost Android Phone -

Many smartphone brands launch their smartphones with this feature. This helps to track your phone's location. So if it ever your device goes missing then you can track and find your phone.

For finding the phone you need to make your device discoverable before it goes missing, make sure you've enable Find my device option in setting.

How to enable 'Find my Device' from your settings.

There are different settings in different device, so here I've given the instructions to enable the Find my device settings in MIUI and One UI.

Enable Find my Device in MIUI - 

Step 1:  Launch Setting of your device.
Step 2:  Click on MI account and create one (if still not created).

How to find your Lost Android Phone

Step 3: Tap on MI Cloud.
Step 4:  Now tap on Find my Device and enable it by filling password.

How to find your Lost Android Phone

Step 5:  Tap on Turn on Find Device.
Step 6:  Now fill the MI account password and tap OK.

How to find your Lost Android Phone

Enable Find my Device in One UI -

Step 1:  Launch Setting
Step 2:  Tap on Security

How to find your Lost Android Phone

Step 3:  Tap on Device Administration
Step 4:  Tap on Find my device checkbox

How to find your Lost Android Phone

How to find your lost Android Phone?

You can track or find your phone, simply using Google account but make sure that use the google account which still runs in lost device.

Step 1:  Launch a web browser in your smartphone, laptop or computer.
Step 2:  Search find my device.

How to find your Lost Android Phone

Step 3:  Now, enter the e-mail address and password (which is available in lost device). And if you use 2-step verification, then first complete that process.

How to find your Lost Android Phone

Now you're ready to track your phone, then you'll see the three option, which you've to choose from:
  • You can play sound, so it makes noise (even in silent mode). You do not have to be misled because your phone's ringtone may be change.
  • You can secure your device, so that theft/finder can't access your phone.  You can lock the screen of your phone, it helps if your phone wasn't secured previously with password or fingerprint sensor. And you can send messages and mobile number to theft/finder to return your phone (Your messages will be displayed on lock screen).
  • You can erase the data from your phone. If you know that you aren't able to retrieve your phone from finder/theft.

  • How to find your Lost Android Phone

    Final Conclusion - 

    Here I've discussed How to find your Lost Android Phone. And if your device doesn't lost still you can continue this for educational purpose.

    Let's share it with your friends or family so that they also knows about this and make sure you have enabled Find my device in setting of your phone before it goes missing, till then Keep Smiling 🙂