ShareIt Safe or Not?

Are you a user of ShareIt, but why? Just because it transfer your files, audio, video, documents from one device to another in a few seconds and for ShareIt game, ShareIt video. But do you know that it safe or not?

If you don't know about ShareIt, then you are at Right Place.

Today I gonna to discuss about the dark secrets of file sharing app called ShareIt and telling you about ShareIt Safe or Not?

Undoubtedly, ShareIt application is one of the most famous app across the world like facebook, whatsapp, instagram etc. At this time it has crossed 1 billion+ downloads on Play Store which is not less. So far, there is only 500 million+ downloads of twitter, 500 million+ is not only but in the comparison of 1 billion+ downloads, it tooks less. ShareIt was published on 23 april 2013 at play store.

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We still use shareit only for that it transfer your files, audio, video, documents in a few time. Simply people search ShareIt application on play store or ShareIt app download for mobile on google, because it is popular but never think, it safe or not. So First of all let's take a look on its pros.

Why to Use ShareIt - 

Benefits of using shareit

  • Super fast speed: It is one of the best advantage of it, I'm really appreciating about it. It is fastest way to transfer any type of files, mp3, mp4 etc. from one device to another. It shares the files 200 times faster than bluetooth. It does matter that you use ShareIt old version or ShareIt apk.

  • Connect to pc with phone: It maintains the ecosystem, you can connect your device and pc or laptop with shareit and can transfer any type of files or media instantly.

  • No Network Restrictions:  There is no need to connect with mobile data, you can transfer your files or media, but needs to open hotspot.

  • Support All file: There is no restrictions about files format, you can share all types of file format with shareit.

  • Supports Cross-Platform: You can connect different devices to each other like pc to android, android to iOS, pc to iOS etc.

  • Why to not use ShareIt - 

    Let's talk about why we should never use shareit.

    ShareIt Ads:  Everyone got frustrated from annoying ads of shareit, sometimes it displays so messy ads that drops our identity infront of people.

    And ShareIt Application shouldn't be in child's smartphone who are in the growing stage, it can impact in their activities.

    Smart Charge:  It features a setting of smart charge, users think it would charge their smartphones fastly but it doesn't happen rather your smartphone will take longer time to charge and can impact your battery and also heats your device.

    ShareIt Smart charge

    ShareIt Application Permission:  Now a days, all the important documents or details is stored in smartphone, and we can't take risk about that. And ShareIt takes many personal permission like contact info, camera, location, microphone etc.

    ShareIt App Permission

    I recommend you to disable all permission by launching settings > App > ShareIt > App permission.

    ShareIt notification:  If all these things are not enough to torture the users then they started sending notification of shareit videos in which many of them are annoying.

    Privacy of ShareIt:  If you check the privacy policy page of ShareIt, then they have mentioned that they have access of your personal or non-personal information. They use your information for marketing and for showing relevant ads.

    ShareIt privacy policy

    Final Conclusion - 

    After seeing these type of things, it seems that ShareIt is not safe for you. But it all depends in your hands if you think that it isn't big issue then you can enjoy using shareit.

    Some of the users still thinking that if we stop using shareit then how can we share our important files, media etc.

    So there is many alternatives of ShareIt, you can trust on them but according to me Google Files Go is best. As we all trust on Google and it have our all personal and non-personal information.

    Today, I've discussed about ShareIt, if you like this article then don't forget to share it with your friends or family so that they can also beware about these things.